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The ANGLICAN CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA (ACNA) is committed to “reaching North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.” Check out this link for important historical and theological information, mission and ministry activities, or simply to help out-of-state loved ones find an Anglican parish in their community.

You may also be interested in the new ACNA brochure available to print.



The DAILY OFFICE is an important spiritual discipline practiced by millions of Christians throughout the world.

This link is provided courtesy of The Mission of Saint Clare and can be accessed by clicking on the icon to the left. It will provide you with the morning, noon, and evening Office for each day of the year in printed format, or you can even have it read to you while listening to soothing background music. Anglican and Roman Catholic priests are required to recite at least the morning and evening prayers each day.



The ANGLICAN DIOCESE OF THE SOUTH (ADOTS) is a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we are comprised of Anglican parishes and missions in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

“The Anglican Diocese of the South exists to equip clergy and congregations to fulfill the Great Commandments (Mk.12:29-31) and the Great Commission (Mt.28:19-20) by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through personal discipleship, evangelism, and the nurturing and planting of congregations.” – ADOTS website

Additionally, it is the ADOTS which provides us with the Alter Guide Online Manual as well as the Lectionaries information.


Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA) is partners with the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (SAMS-USA) to send long-term missionaries to Africa, and other parts of the world where SAMS does not have well established relationships with the local church. SOMA’s mission is: to train clergy and lay leaders for mission, equip leaders in overseas dioceses to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, bring the faith and fire of our overseas partners to renew the Church in the U.S. through Mission to the USA, broaden the vision of who and what the Church is by establishing relationships with people in other parts of the world, train intercessory prayer team members, engage the next generation in mission, and embrace evangelism as an integral element of our mission and ministry.





Celebrate Calm is a world-renowned educational organization that provides practical,  science-based training for educators, parents and children. For over a decade, Behavioral Consultant and Founder Kirk Martin personally taught over 1,500 intense children how to control their emotions, impulses, and behavior through innovative Camps in the nation’s capital. He is highly regarded for his partnerships with educators, forged during time spent in over 600 classrooms.

Today, Martin is the most in-demand educational trainer in North America. He has equipped over 500,000 parents, teachers, and students with practical, concrete strategies through 1,200 live workshops.